Guided Rock Art Tours

The tours will take you back in time to a place, not so long ago, where Native Americans once lived before the land gave way to family ranches and one-room schoolhouses. Your guide is one of a few folks left that have personal stories about growing up in the Colorado wild west. She will tell you stories, behind the rock art, also known as petroglyphs, and ghost towns, that have been passed down through the ages around campfires, branding, and BBQs. Stories that come from personal family history of the area and growing up in the remote mountains of Northwestern Colorado.

Learn the hidden history of Rangely Colorado

Canyon Pintado petroglyphs

Canyon Pintado

Canyon Pintado (Painted Canyon) has been occupied by prehistoric people and was repeatedly visited by a variety of cultures throughout its long history.

Dragon Trail rock art

Dragon Trail

See Rock Art that has endured thousands of years and holds a history of its past, and hear stories of ghost towns that were once thriving cities.

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