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Name: Jayne Kuck

Phone: (970) 675-3033

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Explore the lives of the ancient civilizations, the famous petroglyphs and the wild wilderness that surrounds the small historical community of Rangely Colorado. Local historian and friend Jayne 'Powell' Kuck, will guide you through the long-forgotten places, where through her guidance, visitors will be transported back in time and have the opportunity to walk a few of the footsteps that Lewis and Clark, and Domínguez and Escalante walked. Learn about the people who created the petroglyphs and what the area was like in the beginning.

With every footstep of this guided tour, Jayne will reveal the secrets, the legends of this tumultuous American West, that carries the name of “The Lost Empire". What was the lost empire and where did it go are a few of the questions that answers will be revealed on this tour.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the wildlife and the beautiful high plateau desert environment up close with a guide that walks in the footsteps of her ancestors every day. During the tour, visitors may glimpse one of the many treasures of this land including a fossil, rock art, or ancient tepee or cliff dwellings.

About the guide

This tour is as unique as the guide itself. Jayne 'Powell' Kuck grew up in the Rangely wilderness area and lives off the grid deep within the Bookcliff Mountains. She grew up riding horses, working cattle, and hiking the trails of the ancient inhabitors of this area. Her wilderness cabin holds trunks that are full of old pictures and history’s of the forgotten settlers, cowboys and legends of the Rangely area her knowledge opens up a forgotten long ago ancient civilization that is part of the famous Mesa Verde cliff dwellings that stretches from Southern Colorado to the Bookcliffs. As I collect and write the history of this country, Jayne is one of the legends that will be remembered in the history of this area. Her unique lifestyle and beauty sets her apart with a spirit that is as tough and resilient as the land she protects.

Jayne is a BLM Steward of the trails and a Colorado Credentials teacher. She is CPR certified and bonded as a wilderness guide. Gayla has a Masters in Education and is a Member of the States Historical Association.