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Spreading the word - Educating our children and neighbors

Guided Rock Art Tours are designed to share the love and appreciation of ancient rock art known as petroglyphs and pictographs. It is beneficial in preserving the history of Native Americans and promotes the management and protection of these sites while bringing more allies into the ranks of caretakers and stewards to keep the history alive for future generations.

Enjoy and love these gifts from those who lived before us, and those who will live a hundred years from now. So generations to come will be able to enjoy and love them as well.

Dragon Trail

Cost: $150 per person (Discount for Vets) - Lunch and Drinks included

Dragon Trail will lead us out of town to petroglyphs identified to be of Ute and Fremont origin dating as far back as 2,000 years. This tour will be mostly on gravel or maintained dirt roads and is a bit rugged.

There are four (4) main rock art formation along this trail: Shield Site, Fremont Ridge, Crook's Brand, and Carrot Men.

Ghost Towns

We like to share the history of these small ghost towns as our guide has roots in Dragon City.

Dragon City, Utah was founded around 1888 as a Gilsonite mining camp. It was an end-of-line town for the Uintah Railway. The town received its name by the mine forming the shape of a dragon along the surface of the ground, and the operation was named the Black Dragon Mine.

The town developed slowly and over time they had a depot, warehouse, locomotive shops, store, boarding house, homes, schoolhouse, two saloons, and a barbershop. Toll roads were built to access surrounding towns like Vernal and Fort Duchesne. As the mining started to deplete by the early 1900s the railway to extend northwest along Evacuation Creek establishing a new town called Watson with a spur line to the southwest to Rainbow making Watons the center of the gilsonite mining. However, Dragon City remained the stable population center do to the railroad's shops, roundhouse and large sheep shearing pens.

Lookout Point
East Four-mil Draw
State Bridge Draw
Cow Canyon
White Birds
waving hands